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Initial Questions To Ask Demolition Contractors in Sydney

If you engage to demolition contractors in Sydney for initial talks about a construction or development project, you will likely have a few questions to ask.

Depending on your budget, timeframe and perceptions about how a process such as this will play out, it is valuable to understand what a team in this industry can offer their clientele.

Brands in the demolition business are essentially good at one very simple but tough endeavour – knocking down heavy and sizeable structures to scale.

Yet as we know nothing that is knocked down within city limits is ever carried out in isolation.

So here is where some pertinent initial questions should be posed, offering a degree of transparency as clients educate themselves about demolition enterprises and their practice.


What Experience Do You Have With Similar Clients?

The first step that any potential client should adopt when speaking to demolition contractors in Sydney must revolve around applicable skills and services. Do they have a background catering to homeowners in the Inner West? What have they done before with industrial sites in Caringbah? How have they negotiated a commercial clinic site on the Northern Beaches before? If there is a lack of applicable experience, that could open up a series of risks without any case studies to fall back on.


Are You Certified and Covered For Insurance Purposes?

Demolition contractors in Sydney have to be certified through their associations and designated industry peers and covered for insurance to protect clients against on site accidents. It is often an assumption made on the part of the customer that any contractor who promotes themselves has meet that strict criteria, but there are others who will leave those details out of their listed information or flat out lie about it. To avoid being victim to this degree of negligence, source their credentials.


Can We Get Legal Clearance From Council?

Compliance with regulatory bodies and local council authorities is paramount before demolition contractors in Sydney beginning bulldozing a property. In this setting it is valid to know about their certification status, what their relationship is like with local council identities, what their expectations are about the application process and other elements that will expedite the project from a legal standpoint.


How Much Will The Project Cost and What Is Your Billing Policy?

It is not a cheap initiative to bring aboard demolition contractors in Sydney. From hiring their equipment to having them undertake the task on site and work through all of the legalities and logistics, this can be a sizeable investment. For any client it is fundamental to gauge how the business will calculate the bill according to their internal policy. That could be delivered on an hourly basis, a flat fee or another condition that combines outsourced involvement. To get an obligation-free quote is the first step where a ballpark figure can be communicated.


What Happens During The Cleanup?

The final talking point that we will look at when consulting with demolition contractors in Sydney is the cleanup phase. In order to cut costs with different packages, some operators can open that up to the client to undertake themselves if there is minimal waste and debris scattered on premises. Any other project of substance will factor that into the equation however as there needs to be a management of the destroyed structure and removing the loads off site efficiently. Understanding how those steps play out is an important part of the relationship.



Demolition contractors in Sydney should be willing and able to have an open dialogue with clients irrespective if they are humble residents needing help with a bathroom wall or a major enterprise undertaking an entire redevelopment of a warehouse location. The information they provide during these talks will help clients establish what actions they take moving forward.