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The role of asset management in the world of real estate

The function of asset management, whether for real estate or something else, is to increase market value so that asset owners get a better return on their investment. Real estate asset management is focused around the maximisation of a property’s value for the purposes of investment. Commercial real estate asset management should not be confused…

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Our main objective is to run a strong Building Service business in Australia, gaining a large market share and leveraging our experience and expertise to become a market leader.In a highly competitive market it is our intention to differentiate ourselves clearly from the competition. Developing and sharing expertise within the group allows us to constantly learn and implement quality solutions. We are confident that Mercury Building Services has the expertise to not only match our client’s expectations but to go above and beyond in our project delivery.

In line with our ambition to become industry leaders, we will endeavour to continuously develop and explore value engineering opportunities for our client’s. We understand the need to be proactive in design development and are constantly developing our team to demonstrate this skill set to consultants and clients