Alby Schultz Blogs,General Duties that take Place in a Supermarket

Duties that take Place in a Supermarket

It’s obvious that supermarkets do not run on their own. There are certain employees that take care of certain task and put in a lot of hard work starting from the opening hours until closing, which makes their store run successfully. In super markets that are huge, each department has a number of workers, but stores that happen to be smaller, have a specific number of people multi-tasking and taking care of almost everything.

Let’s have a look on these duties that takes place in the supermarket on a daily basis;

1.    Cashier


The most important one if you see. Cashiers do not only limit themselves to the name, but have to consider a lot of things altogether. Their work involves ringing up the customers for purchases. They have to scan the items that contain bar code along with counting and weighing other products as required. When cashier is paid in cash, he/she must be careful with returning the proper change back. They must also be well trained in using the specific software of the super market they work in. Cashiers are also expected to provide impeccable customer service, providing them with help if needed and answering their questions honestly.


2.    Stockers

The job of the stockers is to unload all the items and produce from the delivery trucks as well as arrange them accordingly into the supermarket. When the shelves inventory is nearly being finished, they then get the products from the back storeroom to the displaying shelves. In certain cases, they are also responsible when it comes to order product shipments. Stock clerks also, from time to time, keep a check on the inventory and keep a count of the products both on the shelves and in the storeroom. The stockers mostly prefer working at night as there are fewer customers, which help them work faster as there is no chaos.


3.    Bagging

The duty of baggers is to nicely and professionally put the stuff purchased by the customers into the plastic, reusable or paper fabric bags. They have to take care of how to bag the items, for instance, they need double bags for heavy stuff, and arrange bags accordingly for items that could be easily crushed or break, like breads and eggs. They also make sure that frozen items are kept under the freezer-safe packets, along with being extra careful about separating the chemical items from the food items. The duty of a bagger in certain stores is performed by cashiers themselves.


4.    Janitorial duties

The supermarkets highly depend on janitorial duties so as to keep their store spic and span and well organised. Although big supermarkets keep a full time janitor, smaller stores have either the cashier or the stocker to fulfil this duty. The duties of janitor include mopping floors, sweeping and cleaning the bathrooms as well as washing windows. They at times also clean trash from the outside area, and also organize and collect shopping carts.


5.    Department duties

Supermarkets that consist of various departments have employees working just for that. For instance, deli department have deli associates cutting and arranging the cheese and meat, along with packaging cooked food, sea-food and meat departments have butchers, Confections and bakery department needs bakers, to decorate cupcakes and cakes, and the floral department needs floral designers to arrange attractive flowers and so on.

After all it is not a one man show; it’s the group effort that makes a supermarket work.