Alby Schultz Blogs,General Client Criteria to Assist the Selection of Criminal Lawyers in Sydney

Client Criteria to Assist the Selection of Criminal Lawyers in Sydney

Dependable criminal lawyers in Sydney are not hard to locate.

O’Sullivan Legal has professionals and experts that market themselves to the members of the community, making all manner of promises and setting expectations sky high.

But all of that bluster doesn’t really add up too much when there is a legal matter at hand and the prosecution and defense are bringing up two sides of the argument.

This is where is it important to remove all of the noise and focus on the substance.

Let us outline what client criteria should be used to make a sound judgment on their suitability.


Experience With Similar Case Profiles

Criminal lawyers from O’Sullivan Legal are able to come to the table equipped with the right type of experience and results that suits the client. Criminal law is a wide ranging industry in and of itself, seeing professionals build their own unique niche. This will include manslaughter and murder cases to drink driving, traffic offences, sexual assault, disorderly conduct, blackmail, theft, bank fraud, battery, public intoxication and more. The severity of the matter will range from the minor to the serious and that will place a larger emphasis on their level of experience and expertise.


Honesty and Transparency

When the topic of transparency emerges with criminal lawyers in Sydney, it is often viewed through the prism of disclosing financial details and progress within the case. Yet sometimes the client has to be told outright if they are in serious legal jeopardy, what the potential sentences could be and how likely they are of reaching a successful outcome. There can be no hiding the truth and those solicitors who attempt to hide these details only do greater damage in the long run.


Additional Support Networks

Criminal lawyers in Sydney cannot be there for emotional support or to help manage mental health issues like stress, anxiety and depression. Clients who are facing charges or hoping for a successful prosecution can find themselves in a dark place and if there is a firm that offers key services in this domain, that will help to set them apart from the competition. Not only does it show a degree of empathy for the plight of the individual, but it is a practical maneuver that lets them get on with their core duty of winning the case outright.


The Art of Persuasion

If the client can determine how persuasive criminal lawyers in Sydney can be during consultations, there is a good chance they can make a judgment on their effectiveness on this topic with other parties. This is an industry where facts and evidence holds the most weight, but the ability for a solicitor to influence a judge, jury or opposition counsel over the merits of their argument will come down to their persuasive skills. Part of that equation will be offering concessions and avoiding arguments on some points, but using other forms of evidence to make strides and poke holes in the opposition’s stance. The tone has to be direct without being emotional and strong without being overbearing, but if that balance can be struck it will be a powerful asset to utilise.


Suitable Financial Terms

Criminal lawyers in Sydney don’t come cheap unless they have been appointed by the court. For those clients who have sought legal counsel within the free market, there will be a spectrum of firms who are either easily accessible for the average citizen or those white-collar experts who manage individuals at the high end of town. Whether it is through a bulked fee, an hourly rate, a pro bono agreement or one that is dependent on a successful outcome, it is too important to overlook how flexible and suitable the financial contract is set out.