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4 Ways To Convince Your Employer They Need SEO

In order to survive as a business in today’s fast moving and increasingly competitive economy, you need to employ an effective marketing strategy. With the rise of the internet over the last 20 or so years, digital marketing methods from reputable Sydney SEO firms have begun to take over as the dominate form of consumer messaging.

Professional providers of SEO (search engine optimization) have become a popular way for business to engage a comprehensive suite of digital marketing services with expert consultation and guidance. However, many business leaders remain skeptical of the effectiveness of these agencies and their strategies, preferring to stick with what they know rather than experiment.

If you’re invested in the success of your organisation, then it makes sense that you would want to employ every possible strategy. Search engine optimization is absolutely essential for a business to succeed in the digital space, so you need to convince upper management to adopt an SEO strategy.

But how do you convince someone who is skeptical of new marketing strategies that they need to use SEO? The following will show you some arguments you can make.


1.     Competitors are already using it

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There’s few better ways to motivate your boss than a inducing a healthy fear of the competition. It’s definitely true that your competitors are using a search engine optimization strategy and it’s essential you jump on the bandwagon or be left behind in obscurity.

An easy way to get your boss on board is to do a Google search for keywords related to your business and see what comes up in the search results. If they can plainly see that your competitors are appearing high in the search rankings while you’re not, it’s a pretty clear message that they need to start using SEO as soon as possible.

Optimization strategies tend to take a few months for them to have a noticeable effect, so the longer you wait to start the more of an advantage your competitors will have. Don’t fall behind because of your bosses’ ignorance about digital marketing!


2.     It works great when combined with PPC advertising

If your firm is already using PPC (pay-per-click) advertising to market itself digitally, then it wouldn’t be a far cry for you to look into using search engine optimisation alongside it. Because SEO and PPC use the same keywords for your business, you’re already halfway done with an effective digital marketing strategy.

If you can frame search engine optimization as simply an extension of your existing PPC strategy then your boss may be more amenable to it. It’s all about clearing away the smoke and mirrors so that they can see clearly what the benefits are.


3.     You can take care of it for them

One reason your boss may be dismissive of engaging SEO is that they simply don’t want another responsibility to handle. This is understandable, as even the most organised managers can find themselves routinely overwhelmed with decisions they need to make that affect every aspect of the business.

If you can communicate to them that you intend to take on the full responsibility of researching and implementing an optimization strategy, they may be far more likely to bite.


4.     It’s the future of marketing

The most important reason to start using search engine optimization is the fact that it’s simply the inarguable future of the marketing industry. As consumers become less trusting and receptive to traditional advertising methods, they increasingly turn to using search engines to find authoritative sources for the products and services that they desire.

As you can see, there a quite a few ways you can convince your boss that SEO is necessary.