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4 great reasons to go diving in Raja Ampat

Everyone wants to experience a perfect island getaway at least once in their lives and there’s few holidays more fulfilling that going diving in Raja Ampat. This beautiful series of tropical islands is the picturesque holiday that you’ve imagined going on all your life and it’s far more affordable than you might think!

There’s so much here on offer that will amaze and delight you that a holiday spent diving in Raja Ampat is sure to produce dozens of unforgettable memories. Whether you’re going with a partner, a group of friends or trekking it by yourself there’s so much to experience here that makes it such a popular holiday destination no matter which you are.

Let’s take a look at the # best reasons to book a holiday of diving in Raja Ampat at a premiere diving resort.

It’s a breathtaking island paradise

As one of the last true hidden island paradises, diving in Raja Ampat is great because it is still fairly unknown to the masses of tourists you have to compete with. This makes it appealing to travellers who want to see the raw natural wonder of an island with minimal human encroachment.

One of the biggest draws of diving in Raja Ampat is definitely the crisp white beaches and incredibly dense and vibrant tropical jungle. This place looks like it was designed for a movie, with it evoking you deepest desires of an island getaway that you thought was just a fantasy location.

The amazing natural vistas and temperate climate make this place an absolute dream to stay in and you’ll definitely wish you could extend your stay once it’s time to go home. If you’re looking for the quintessential island getaway experience it’s hard to do better than diving in Raja Ampat.

There’s an incredible array of sea life to see

The biggest and most highly touted reason to go diving in Raja Ampat is obviously its amazing abundance of underwater critters. You can swim alongside Manta Rays, Dolphins and all manner of sea creatures in one of the most diverse and healthy underwater ecosystems on the planet.

With over 1200 species of fish and 75% of all discovered coral species in the waters around the islands, there’s more than enough eye candy here for the avid marine explorer. There’s so much to see that it’s simply impossible to see it all in one trip.

Some lucky people who go diving in Raja Ampat report getting up close with turtles and small sharks so there’s plenty of room for surprises along the trip. Keep your eyes open and there’s no telling what you might discover.

There’s plenty of terrestrial life to see too

You can’t enjoy an island paradise without spending any time on the actual island. Apart from diving in Raja Ampat you can also explore the dense tropical rainforest which is home to some amazing species of animal that you can’t see anywhere else.

Walking through the amazing tropical rainforest will leave you speechless as you try not to get lost amongst the natural wonder. This is truly one of the best testaments to the beauty of nature and will leave anyone who visits feeling enriched as a result of the experience.

A welcoming indigenous culture

The Papuan locals are absolutely delightful and enjoy treating visitors to the wonders of their island paradise. These native Papuan people who have lived with the land over generations and developed a rich culture are eager to see tourists come and experience the wonders that they live amongst every day.

As you can see, there are plenty of great reasons to book diving in Raja Ampat for your next holiday getaway!